Italy has a long history and strong traditions. Its food, as much as its art, embodies the beauty and the richness of this country in the eyes of the entire world. The love for food and traditions is the reason why three young Italian friends packed up their dreams and passions to bring a little piece of Italy in the heart of China. MYLK brings you the authentic taste of tradition in a warm and cozy atmosphere. Taste our little Italian kitchen's pizza, pasta and icecream to find fresh and healthy ingredients, enjoying Italy's authentic flavors, just as if you are in Milan, Rome or Naples.


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The time has finally come, MYLK is now open and we are so excited about this amazing new addition to our stores! MYLK offers something for everyone Pizza, Pasta and Sweet treats! If you have any worries contact us here. MYLK n 1 No.257 Daxue Road, Shanghai, China 1515 Nanjing Road West, Shanghai, China 200040

Tower1, Jing An Kerry Centre Shop E1-08